many were called but only a few are chosen


A Moment In Our Life XXVI

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A Moment In Our Life XXV



My Room My Studio And Fuck The Police!

Welcome to my place my small studio!

And thats it.Haha.Well at this moment, i gotta story to tell you…me, i’ve been into art so deep it runs in my blood.Sometimes i gotta choose whether i will spend the money i earned to buy some food or some brushes, tubes of paint.I usually chose the second for sure.Haha.And i gotta shoplift to eat.Crazy right?Well Thats me…i shoplift pretty much everything i need.So at this one time i got caught red handed.Motherfucker!And the police said that they need money to shut their mouth (there are 2 pigs apparently) just so i dont get into custody.They said they would need Rp.2,000,000.00.Shit, i only gotRp.200,000.00.So they decide to take my cell as well.Those motherfuckers!And then they release me and said,”Dont do that again boy…”.Fuck, like they dont need those bribes to eat some shit!Yeah in my country, its pretty common to bribe police in almost every law thing.So from then i have no fucking phone.This happened almost a month ago and this pics taken before the phone’s taken.What a life!HaleluHashem!

Random Art Chapter 8!

Some caught my eyes today,,,Andres Herren photography sick!Sick graphic!Hope you like it.Have a Blessed day!HaleluHashem!


Random Art Chapter 7!

Hello again.Here something that caught my eyes and my mind recently.My latest design element, the Griffin Faith Monogram.Tyler Durden,,,the best movie character ever, a superior imperfect,,,if you never seen the movie Fight Club, i suggest you to go see it before you die man, and see what perspective that you can get, i bet it will change the way you think.Sonny Sandoval.Jiddu Khrisnamurti…my fave philosopher…”because in this there’s no teacher no pupil there’s no leader there’s no guru there’s no master no saviour, you yourself are the teacher and the pupil, you are the master, you are the guru, you are the leader, you are everything and to understand is to transform what is”.Ken Goto beautiful photography.Richard Phillips painting.Sexy pin up lady. New Spawn The Curse statue and the pretty Candice Swanepoel.HaleluHashem!Jehovah Jireh!

My Early College Room!

It’s been a couple year since the moment i first took this photograph.Time flies and many people change but me, i stay the same, i keep on pursuing my dream.To design and to make music has always been me.I will upload the new look of my room, my studio on some other time.Stay true to yourself.HaleluHashem!

Random Art : Adi Granov

This is one of my fave artist of all times,Adi Granov.Super clean and detail artwork.Enjoy!Jah Bless!

Random Art Graffitti.

Piece from Jux and Askew and me using Graffitti Creator.Haha!Enjoy!

Random Art Chapter 5.Enjoy.

The Madden Brothers new collab with Machine Gun Kelly!SICK!…Some nice and wise words.Laras Monca, Monica Renee, Sydney Barlette and this pornstar (i cant remember her name) beautiful anything!haha!…My fave band “Payable On Death”.You all need to check their new single “Lost In Forever” from the upcoming album.And some art…but everything’s artsy by the way.From natural human body curve to all the scratches on the wall.We just need to look and listen carefully.Jah Bless!