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A Moment In Our Life XXV



Random Art Chapter 11.Enjoy!


Some Spawn graphic that i like.Hope you like it!

My Room My Studio And Fuck The Police!

Welcome to my place my small studio!

And thats it.Haha.Well at this moment, i gotta story to tell you…me, i’ve been into art so deep it runs in my blood.Sometimes i gotta choose whether i will spend the money i earned to buy some food or some brushes, tubes of paint.I usually chose the second for sure.Haha.And i gotta shoplift to eat.Crazy right?Well Thats me…i shoplift pretty much everything i need.So at this one time i got caught red handed.Motherfucker!And the police said that they need money to shut their mouth (there are 2 pigs apparently) just so i dont get into custody.They said they would need Rp.2,000,000.00.Shit, i only gotRp.200,000.00.So they decide to take my cell as well.Those motherfuckers!And then they release me and said,”Dont do that again boy…”.Fuck, like they dont need those bribes to eat some shit!Yeah in my country, its pretty common to bribe police in almost every law thing.So from then i have no fucking phone.This happened almost a month ago and this pics taken before the phone’s taken.What a life!HaleluHashem!

Random Art Chapter 9.Enjoy!

Ultra random…Girls – “Worst” comic book (dope story) – Fire and Gun – Snake.Hope you enjoy!Jehovah Jireh!

Random Art Chapter 6.

Hello again!its been a long time!here some of my inspiration today.Beautiful lady with “legend” tattoo on her hips, super sexy!A beautiful war machine here.Aletta Ocean beautiful lips.Sick!Sailor girl lovely pin up…damn i love her pose!Gundam and Akira piece of art…I always have been a big fan of Katsuhiro Otomo highly detailed art. My devilish lady sketch based on Ricky Carralero pin up and last but not least…my family photo…haha…bless us all!HaleluHashem!Jehovah Jireh!

Random Art : Adi Granov

This is one of my fave artist of all times,Adi Granov.Super clean and detail artwork.Enjoy!Jah Bless!

Random Art Chapter 3.

im just kinda lazy lately.i just surf and stare at some cool arts on so many blogs.their pics have been inspiring me so much but im still on my shitty exam weeks.fuck to that.these are some of my inspirations.hope you like it cuz i do.

monica renee…

chase tafoya sick art!

as always,just in case you havent notice yet,i go art – girl – art – faith – art and so on and so on.haha.these are NOT MINE just some that inspires me okay.please feel free to contact me if you dont like your images to be shown here.cheers and beers!

Griffin Bird Raw Sketch.

Another raw sketch.Still,pen on paper,scanned,& minimally edited.The idea came up just after when i saw a harley davidson logo.So awesome.So i did this.Still very raw i know but i’m working on some.Just wanna post something.Hope you enjoy.Happy sunday!Jah bless y’all!Hallelujah!


These two are pretty old prints.And yes,i love to draw sexy girls.So i decide to make these as new colored wallpaper.Take it for free.Enjoy!